Buy my shitty art.

2013-01-16 17:48:54 by Carrion

Big news, Carrion is going to be selling prints pretty soon. Iv'e gotten a lot of feedback of people saying "I'd hang that on my wall." So I thought shit, lets make it happen! I'm going to try my hardest to keep things as affordable as possible.
Provided will be a variation of sizes and formats of material including canvas and poster paper. A page will soon be set up for you guys to look through the images I plan on printing.

More details coming soon! For now would you guys mind pitching in what works you would like to see printed?


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2013-01-16 23:50:40

more penis pictures.


2013-01-17 06:24:25

Hey man, just so you know, I'd buy them, especially pixel art ones, your art is stunning, we should definitely work together sometime mate, oh and reactivate your facebook, it was weird knowing you weren't on. Anyways, I've got an idea I think you'll like and I'll PM you it. Keep up the work man, your an inspiration to me.


2013-01-17 06:33:58

If you do a Kin print I'll buy the original, other than that just make stuff that's unique and up to scratch with what you usually do.


2013-01-19 11:28:17

HMmmm I'll consider it


2013-02-09 18:01:47

Dude, your artwork is fucking incredible, probably the best stuff I've seen on NG, it's densely (and darkly) atmospheric.

Carrion responds:

makingmeblushbby <3


2013-02-16 15:04:40

I'd hang that on my wall


2013-03-11 02:23:58



2013-03-14 01:25:28

very nice