Remember Limner?

2013-10-03 14:10:27 by Carrion

Today I was reminded of a pixel artist that use to post here on Newgrounds, his username was Limner. He made fantastic-surreal-two tone pixel art, I enjoyed it thoroughly. He seems to have disappeared which is a real shame. His gallery is quite small but still worth a gander. This dude's art was never done justice, so I'd advise all of you to go soak it in and maybe give some feedback. Who knows, maybe he will come back!

Remember Limner?


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2013-10-03 14:46:31

Wow, he is good. Thanks. I favorited his account.


2013-10-03 15:37:14

When looking at those pieces I was like reading a very deep-minded book. I found myself slamming my face against the monitor to make out what was on the pictures, and was greatly satisfied by what I saw.
May he return some day.


2013-10-03 20:56:08

The things that people can do with only 2 colors and MS paint, every time it gets me.


2013-10-07 10:54:30

Will do; no, I never heard of him before. Everytime I see pixel artwork I'm thinking they should make games with this talent, not only still images... maybe he did!