RIP Halloween

2013-11-01 05:32:07 by Carrion

It's November now, how bogus. I hope you all had an amazing night. I spent mine doing pixel art but that's nothing to complain about now is it? Had a great time dicking around with Evil Dog's Carve n' Share while hanging out with other game devs. I love you all, stay chipper. <3

RIP Halloween


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2013-11-01 18:22:51

I was in total fear as i remembered that it was... Thursday!!!! thus my day was incredible average and normal, the only Halloweenish thing was the internet haha.


2013-11-02 08:26:31

I can't believe I completely missed out on carving and sharing anything for the contest this year... really nice artwork though. Crowbeast even more so!


2013-11-03 16:33:48

Congrats on the award! :)


2013-11-25 11:00:33

Great carving of a great game!