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Posted by Carrion - April 11th, 2016

Prints have been something I've flirted with off and on over the past couple years, and while getting them into the hands of my supporters is a great experience, the entire process has proven to be extremely tedious. Sending prints via redbubble or inprint leaves me with only a tiny fraction of the money made from the product with no guarantee of quality, and the prints i've sent by hand have seemingly vanished in transit on several occasions.

Ever since pixel day there has been an insane demand for Unrest prints. While I'd love to say "SURE!" and ship these things out, I have to first work out the pricing and method of shipping prints.

Thankfully now I can print and ship things directly from the shop right downstairs from the studio I work at, and the prints are professional quality as well! This means selling prints is a much much much greater possibility, though there are still some hurdles in my way.

The shipping averages at approximately 22 dollars here in the United States, and will average at a higher rate for those in outside the U.S. I'd hate to charge 30-40 dollars for a single print, so I'm trying to work out a way to add more value to the package by including additional goods.

Would any of you be interested in buying prints in the 30-40 dollar price range if they come in bundles of 3 with additional drawings or surprise items?

Let me know what you think and feel free to chime in and throw some recommendations my way.


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SharkRobot can do on demand printing, might be worth seeing what they could do there... Fans could buy the prints direct and you could order via SR to ship direct to fans if it's more cost effective than what you're doing now.

You're on the right track, ask around newgrounds and stuff to see how other people do their prints. Keep up the good work

I'm all for doing the printing yourself because you can find other methods of keeping your budget low without giving some assholes a cut. it's more work but the chances of turning a profit are higher. You can print shipping labels through paypal and sometimes it's cheaper. You can add an option for those interested an extra charge for tracking info, though that's pretty standard for us packages. I had to sent shit to germany and holy shit their shipping is crazy. you know what you could include? one guy i know put food coupons depending on where the person lived, i put hard to find candy and charms, you should put doodles and maybe some candy and keep within the weight limits to avoid insane charges. idk if your Post office is shitty but you should use one of those roll up tubes, or an unfolded cardboard box to protect print. I did that for a cynotype. hope that helps bro. good luck.

I've had good results from neatoshop, but I've only been a customer.
I think your unrest design would look good in many homes/my room.

What size are the prints? I would totally support you and buy a bundle for some surprise art packed in there. Would love to see everything you have for sale.

for 3-4 prints, i think 30-40 dollars is a fair price range. id gladly pay that for some of your amazing work to hang on my wall! keep it up, really loving the work you post here. <3