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Renaine is getting a makeover!

2017-09-27 00:56:27 by Carrion

Hi all, as you may have already seen I'm the official artist for Squidly's new game Renaine! I came in to the project a bit late and while the demo on Newground does a great job at showcasing the gameplay, it doesnt even come close to the sort of exploration in pixel art we will be embarking on now that I'm on board. 


Keep a look out for a special update post tomorrow.

Thank you all for the astounding support so far and thank you to newgrounds for the support as well.

I'm going to get back to work now.

Caw Caw- Carrion 





2017-01-27 19:28:46 by Carrion

That's right! I'm going for it! This is mostly to save my art show coming up but is also a way to purchase the prints, shirts, and my roast of coffee....yes my own roast of coffee that will be available at the art show.

Show me your support and I'll show you what I can do Newgrounds!







Carrion now ships world wide! 

I'll be updating the items in the store on a weekly basis. You can expect stickers, shirts, and brand new art in due time. Again, if there are any particular pieces you are interested in contact me and I'll see what I can do. Cheers!

Happy pixel day everyone! I'm glad you all survived 2016 so you could be here to celebrate with all the rest of us. 

Today we are completely taking over newgrounds with pixel art, games, chiptune and more. Its always such a pleasure to see everyone's creations, especially from those of you that dont often work with pixel art.

As you can see right now the site skin is the same as last year, but keep your eyes peeled later on today for some changes and maybe even a few announcements. 

The skin is based on a picture of mine, called Unrest. Posters have been in demand for a while, so I'm REALLY glad to let you all know that I an finally start shipping these out.

The prints are 11x17 on a nice thick cardstock paper, if you have a preference for another paper let me know and I can likely work with you. The normal price of the posters is usually $30 USD but to celebrate there will be a 50% sale until the very second the site skin is changes, after that there will be some more exciting news on Carrion related merch. That makes the posters 15 bucks!!! I think cigarettes cost that much now! Grab a print quick and kill off one of your nasty habits all at once!

vvvvvvvBUY HEREvvvvvvvv


Stay tuned for more news and announcements! I'm truly blessed to be able to start this year off strong with you all. 






Commissions, Critters, and Prints!

2016-10-28 05:28:03 by Carrion

Carrion is finally opening back up for commissions and prints!

If you would like your very own Carrion Critter, you can have one made for $15 USD Send a description of what kind of critter you would like, and I'll bring it to life with pixels! You can even give the critter you very own name and bio. : >




I am also currently doing pixel portraits for $15 USD. Contact me with a picture of your beautiful self at if you are interested.


Lastly, if you would like any picture of mine as a print, I am currently offering 11x17 prints on cardstock paper for $25 USD.


Right now my shipping is limited to United States, but worldwide shipping will be available soon as well.

For any questions regarding commissions or prints, feel more than welcome to email me via

<3 Carrion

You guys are the best

2016-08-24 02:48:47 by Carrion

Never stop being you Newgrounds we are all in this together and can do great things if we keep moving forward.

I love you guys.

<3 Carrion

AIM Music Contest/ Good Vibes

2016-07-19 03:00:57 by Carrion

Thank you so much to all the musicians who have been choosing my art as inpiration for the Art Inspired Music Contest!

My favorite so far is Whirlguy's track. Go give em' some love!

Hope youre all doing well and are staying caffinated. <3



2016-04-11 22:49:05 by Carrion

Prints have been something I've flirted with off and on over the past couple years, and while getting them into the hands of my supporters is a great experience, the entire process has proven to be extremely tedious. Sending prints via redbubble or inprint leaves me with only a tiny fraction of the money made from the product with no guarantee of quality, and the prints i've sent by hand have seemingly vanished in transit on several occasions.

Ever since pixel day there has been an insane demand for Unrest prints. While I'd love to say "SURE!" and ship these things out, I have to first work out the pricing and method of shipping prints.

Thankfully now I can print and ship things directly from the shop right downstairs from the studio I work at, and the prints are professional quality as well! This means selling prints is a much much much greater possibility, though there are still some hurdles in my way.

The shipping averages at approximately 22 dollars here in the United States, and will average at a higher rate for those in outside the U.S. I'd hate to charge 30-40 dollars for a single print, so I'm trying to work out a way to add more value to the package by including additional goods.

Would any of you be interested in buying prints in the 30-40 dollar price range if they come in bundles of 3 with additional drawings or surprise items?

Let me know what you think and feel free to chime in and throw some recommendations my way.


Peck Peck

2016-01-24 10:52:23 by Carrion

Here, gander at this cute bird. Captain's orders.


Listen to this to optimize your bird gandering experience.

Enjoy ⁽ ⁻ ᵛ ⁻ ⁾



New Year, New Projects.

2016-01-03 19:37:21 by Carrion

First and foremost, happy new year to all of my wonderful followers watching this. I hope you had a good one.

2015 was an eventful year for me, for better or worse.

Around this time last year I was given less than a months notice that I needed to find a new place to live. At the moment I was unemployed, rather depressed, and had been dragging myself through one of the worst artistic dry spells i've ever experienced. 

I packed my stuff up in my car, went to the cafe, opened up my laptop, and started drawing like my life depended on it. I made a massive amount of design mockups in order to put together a portfolio, hoping that i may be able to get a graphic design gig somewhere to make some quick cash. Unfortunately I was turned down by the firms I applied to. Rejection after rejection I was told that my work wasn't well suit for design, that it's too cartoonish or fantasy-like.

I had been up for four days straight, had only eaten a few lousy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over the course of a week, and was feeling particularly useless. In a desperate attempt to crawl my way out of an art block, I created a picture called Unrest. This picture captured exactly what I was feeling in that moment. I felt engulfed by a fire perpetuated by misfortune that I brought onto myself. A flame composed of an anger towards my own laziness, apathy, and comfort. I was plagued by a fear of opportunity, and now only the ashes of that fear remain.

I promised myself that I would never compromise my integrity for petty comfort again. To never give up on my dreams because of the wishes of shitty family members, shitty friends, or my own shitty insecurities. When opportunity came to me, I wouldnt run and hide.

Shortly after that, some amazing people came through and helped me out greatly. I found a new place to live and started working my ass off. As luck would have it that next day I was approached with a massive opportunity, and I took it. Funny enough, I was offered a gig after the person running it saw the same design portfolio that was turned down by all the other clients I reached out to.

I spent the following months doing all of the art for a music festival. Going from a period of doing no art at all to assuming workload of an entire team seems insane but it was what I needed to pull me from the depths of unproductivity that I had sunken to. It was crazy. I hardly slept, learned practically everything as I went, and did things I didn't even know I was capable of.

The festival was great, and is still the funnest and most succesful project Ive ever worked on.

2015 didn't come without its own grievances though. I've struggled with my living conditions month to month, watched my closest sister go through cancer, and was continuously forced to put personal work to the side in order to pay a mountain of medical bills. Hard drives crashed, computers broke, and my sketchbook was stolen, setting my personal projects back by an abysmal scale.

I'd be lying if I said this year didn't completely wear me down a few times, but we are better for the moments we endure. 

The quality of my life is different now. I'm more productive, more outgoing, and as creative as I've ever been. Though there's still a mountain before me, a colossal pile of unfinished projects and half dreamt worlds, and my ascent has just begun.

I spent the last year working hard on other people's projects and learned a lot from it. This year I think it's time to work on my own project. Its finally time to turn those little worlds I've shared through the art portal into living, breathing games.

This is the year...


~Carrion <3