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Posted by Carrion - December 22nd, 2011

Ive generally been depressed lately. Work is good but i don't get enough hours to stay stable. Christmas is already here and i barely just noticed like yesterday. My grandma is in the hospital, she was out for like a day but then got pneumonia, being in and out so much in the past month is wearing on her and im pretty sure shes not going to ever get back to normal. And being home just stresses me out between my sisters and mom.

I was just about ready to snap but then today happened.

The other night i had just about enough of my sisters and mom. I was feeling sick, felt like shit...just wasnt happening. So i said fuck this, and drove to my dad's. Which led to one of the best days ive ever had.

First i went into my dads and got to visit with him which is always nice, and i stayed the night. Got to chat with my gurl Virginia, and catch up with some friends online and such. But today is when the good stuff happened.

Although i had a odd dream about a old acquaintance last night that was rather haunting.

Woke up,and had about 4 cups of coffee. I went to the mall, and got my paycheck (had a event with my mom there who i didnt even plan on running into but i got over it)

Then i got some starbucks. (thats another coffee)
And while i was in the drive thru i though "hell im already close by, ill visit my grandparents." so i went and saw them. My grandpa was actually surprisingly excited to see me which was nice. Its hard to catch that guy being sincere. And i had some more coffee. (thats one more)

Then i went back to my dads and from there we went to my little brother's winter program which i didnt even know about. It was adorable, i love seeing that kid grow up but it also breaks my heart to see him go off and change the way he does.

So after that we went and had some Chinese food which was nice.

Then i went to teazers by myself to have some tea, and get some pixel art in before i go home. This was at 9:00 at night, and this is where my adventure begun. (oh and thats a tea, can count as coffee since its also caffeine)

So when i was at teazers i saw my friend Sonia online on facebook. I messaged her and found out she was in town! (shes going to school in Maine which is way too far away). And she says shes at starbucks in riverpark which wasn't far away from where i was. So i was like "woah ill come over and say hi!"
And in attempt to save time i jumped on the freeway not thinking about holiday traffic. So i get held up like a whole hour and almost got ran off the ramp by some idiot driver. And when i got to the starbucks she was gone already. So i got on my computer to see if she was still nearby and had to get a coffee to use the wifi (another coffee)

And i cant get ahold of her anyways. By this time its 11:00 at night and starbucks closed and i had to leave. So being pissed at traffic and idiot drivers i give up and go to dennys planning on staying there a while to use the wifi.

So i walk in, and hear my name...Sonia was there! And i didnt even know! I was so happy, so i sat down and visited with her, her mom, sister and a friend Reanne who i went to highschool with. I chatted with them for a while and they decided to go retire since it was late.

I decide to stay at dennys and use the wifi like i originally planned.

I chatted with the girl who was serving me a little bit, she was cool and it turns out she's a artist too and i gave her my DA name so she should be stopping by here to check it out.

Oh and i had about 4 more cups of coffee....and had her take the cup away from me because i eventually began to feel my own blood flow.

So at about 3:00 in the morning i was like "ima go home and junk" so i wrap things up at dennys and go out in the parking lot. And my parking space was blocked by a diesel that was like....just chillin there. I knock on the window and a guy's head pops up and he moves. (lol he was straight up sleeping in it with the motor on.)

So i get gas, and head out back home.

And as i hit the country roads it get reeeeeaaally foggy. Like this is some of the thickest fog ive been in and it was my first time driving in fog.

So as i come up to a cross street yet another diesel lies in my path, so i pull to the side and get out to see what this dude was doing sitting in the middle of the fog. A big mexican dude comes out and goes "Hey bro, they fucked up tuning my headlights and i dont know these streets. I cant see shit man." So i ask whats wrong and he says "well im lost and cant find my way to the 99, can you guide me there?". His truck had a really long load, and there was no way he could turn around and simply go back the way i knew. I personally dont know the roads that well and in this fog we were driving by the yellow lines on the road. And ive only been driving for 2 months now. But as i always say, Adventure Doesn't Wait. Seems exciting escorting a massive truck through thick fog.

Also the roads out here are known to be kinda derp. Due to the fact most of the drivers are immigrants that dont know the laws and stuff so theres lots of cases where they dont notice stop signs and junk.

But redardless of what my gut was telling me, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

I got him to the free way finally after a while. And then went home. Some smaller stuff happened today thats just as good but not interesting enough to mention.

You guys are going to possibly be seeing my on more things, im working with other people alot lately.

Today really turned things around for me, and im actually happy i was pushed to go to my dads house.

Also ive counted 12 cups of coffee/tea.
Its 5:15 and this n***a aint even tired.


Posted by Carrion - November 5th, 2011

Posted by Carrion - October 26th, 2011

Posted by Carrion - October 3rd, 2011

Happy well diving my friends

Bathe in the wound

Posted by Carrion - September 25th, 2011

Keep your head up in the clouds
Because the geography below is ruined by your peers
Land painted by fallout monsters hidden beneath shrouds
He will deliver you, pay close attention, watch which way he steers
Stolen away, carried from place to place
You dont know your own importance keep the pistol away from your head
No one declares you winner in this rat pelted race
But your my reason to hang around, fuck all the rest, ignore the shit they said.
Just hang in there a while.

Awkward Beasts

Posted by Carrion - September 12th, 2011

Nothing really great to report.

Still living at my mom's boyfriend's house where i wake up every morning to be graded on my qualities. Im still the topic of everyone's shit talking frenzys and conversations.

I really want to get a job and a van so i can just throw a matress in it and live in my car. Winter is coming up so sleeping in there will be possible with enough blankets. =]
My weekends have been pretty good, me Ian and Aaron pretty much drive around and do shit to get away for a while. And the weekends seem so much longer now that im limited to how much i can see my friends.

Good news is that i got my permit and im trying really hard to get a job so once i pass my driving test ill be one step closer to getting out of here!

Today i came across something that really ruined my chances of having a good day. You see yesterday me and my friend were walking around the train tracks and canals out here in the country and i came across a dead hawk floating in the water.
And i really hate seeing animals that have been killed and left there and ive been wanting to get into the habbit of burying dead animals. Plus this was a bird and not only a bird a hawk, one of the most beautiful.
Anyways we ended up burying him in a grove near the canal in a nice peacful opening hidden by mostly brush.
And this morning i needed to clear my head so i thought i'd go visit the hawks grave for some peace and quiet.
On my way i found something soul crushing.
A baby hawk was sitting right by the spot where i found the adult one yesterday. The one i found dead must have been the mother, i felt so bad. So i tried to get the baby but it kept running but wouldnt go too far but there people's dogs kept running up and barking so the poor thing would flip out and run away each time i came close to getting it.
From what i saw the baby was really beat up, its beak was cracked and it was missing both eyes..=/
And because those stupid fucking dogs wouldt just go away, the baby got away into the vineyards...and if you loose a small animal in there your shit out of luck.

I can only hope for the best for the bird....there are so many wild dogs and coyotes that live in the vineyards that litte guy has no chance.

I dunno its just messing with me alot because thats just really shitty even leaving out the fact birds are my favorite things ever.

Same shit

Posted by Carrion - May 2nd, 2011